• Our lighting provides a spectacular touch to your event needs, creating the greatest impact at your event
  • We offer LED Mood lighting, including perimeter up lighting around the entire venue
  • We have moving Head intelligent lighting, perfect for dancing, spot lights and grabbing attention
  • We use lighting to create customized names and or monograms anywhere!

Intelligent Lighting

  • We use 2 different types of intelligent lighting: Intelligent LED
  • Effect Lighting and Moving Head Intelligent Lighting.
  • Provide a wide Range of coverage from floor to ceiling on entire dance floor
  • Produce different effects in different colors
  • Produces dance floor concentrated lighting
  • Perimeter Uplighting
  • A classy, elegant, and picturesque way to make your event memorable
  • We set up lights around the perimeter of your venue, creating beams of light that channel up the walls.
  • Can create thin narrows beam or “wash” (Fill) the entire venue with color
  • Transform any room, large or small
  • Single color all night (Non Linked)
  • Lights can Fade from color to color (Linked)
  • Chase around the venue (Linked)
  • Strobe in any color and any speed (Linked)
  • Alternate colors and also have multiple colors! (Linked)
  • A dedicated intelligent controller to control these fixtures (Linked)

There are several other options such as lasers, mood lighting, and spotlighting that can enhance any event to a level that will create your own unique affair and exceed everyone’s expectations.